Don't Let Your Mouth Make a Mess of Your Face

Late one afternoon, just north of Lac La Hache, I was coming around a long left hand corner, coming to a truck stop called Clancy’s, when an empty super train passed me on a solid double line. (A Super train is one of those trucks with two trailers; they are most noticeable lumbering up a hill or upside down in the ditch with their lumber all over the road) Almost immediately, He put on his right hand signal and turned into Clancy’s.

I was more then a little up set by this maneuver and thought I should inform him of my opinion. I pulled in behind, parked along side of him and we meet in front of our trucks.

” That has to be the stupidest maneuver I have ever seen.” I informed him.

“ How would you like a punch in the mouth? ” he asked me.

“Well.” I said, “You go right ahead and punch me in the mouth, but then one of two things could happen. First, I just might surprise you and hang a licking on you or you might hang a licking on me. In that case, I'll be out of the hospital long before you are out of jail. In addition, you will spend the rest of my life buying me new false teeth and glasses. The law frowns up on you kids beating up seniors.” He called me a f---ing asshole, turned and got into his outfit and drove away.

After he left I stood there for a couple of moments reflecting on just what had happened, the size of this guy and thought to my self, ‘ Self, you just about talk your self into, at the very least, a big fat lip.

I then went into the café and had an unscheduled coffee stop. To try regain my composure and get my knees to stop vibrating. I hate it when they start knocking.