Trucker's Tales From The Road Of Life

Mel McConaghy Hi!
I'm Mel McConaghy, an old truck driver turned writer, and I'd like to take you down my memory lane to relive some of my adventures.

I retired from the highway at the age of 71 - and still wonder why.

These pages will take you hauling logging equipment into the bush, for winter cruises on slippery roads with moose and critters jumping out at you, and more.

So, jump into the passenger seat and join me, it should be a good ride.

If You’re A Trucker, You Know A Trucker or Just Like Trucking...
Then this book is a must read!

My Life Through A Broken Windshield,
by Mel McConaghy

My Life Through A Broken Windshield is a collection of truck driving tales from Canada's wild and rugged British Columbia. If you've ever been a truck driver, or are thinking of making truck driving your profession, this book is a must read!

My Life Through A Broken Windshield makes a wonderful gift!

You can now purchase My Life Through A Broken Windsheild in paperback through Books & Company, Prince George, BC. Contact them at or call toll-free 1-800-303-2950

E-book version is available in Kindle, Epub, PDF, RTF, PDB formats from
An old Trucker looks
at the past......

While his Granddaughter
looks towards the Future.
Mel & Granddaughter The Northern Star Online Read Mel's weekly column,
My Life Through A
Broken Windshield
in The Northern Star.

This web site contains great trucking
stories as well as some great old
pictures of (tongue in cheek)

'The Good Old Days'


Be sure and check out Trucker's Stories and Pictures.

If you have a picture of you and/or of your favorite truck, write a little story about it and send them to me and I will post them on my pages.

Please keep the stories down to 100 words.

All the stories I have written for 'Pro-Trucker Magazine' have been published monthly over the last three and a half years and can be found on-line at Pro-Trucker
  When I was reminded that most truckers have little time to read, I began recording my yet to be published book called, 'My Life Through A Broken Windshield' on CD's.

You can now purchase the first two entertaining CD's through:

Books & Company, Prince George, BC
Contact them at or
call toll-free 1-800-303-2950

Each CD is only $12.00, plus shipping and applicable taxes.

The Stoker

In the fall of 2009, I released my first book, 'The Stoker', a story about fighting Red aggression and social diseases in the service of my country. The Stoker is published by NOW-OR-NEVER Publishing and may be purchased from their website for $19.95.

"It’s 1954, the Cold War has shifted into high gear. On little more than a bet, an 18-year-old lumberjack from Aleza Lake in the interior of British Columbia joins the Canadian Navy, a spur-of-the-moment decision that will radically alter the rest of his life. Starting with basic training in Nova Scotia, The Stoker follows the exploits and adventures of author, L. Mel McConaghy, as he sails his way out of obscurity and around the globe on all manner of seagoing vessels, from the state-of-the-art to the aging and antiquated. Whether it’s hunting Soviet submarines on the West Coast of Canada, or maintaining an uneasy peace in the volatile Middle East, McConaghy does it all over his decade in the navy. And just when life couldn’t seem to get any more interesting, along comes a position on Queen Elizabeth’s newly commissioned Royal Yacht Britannia, a true voyage of a lifetime." At times heartbreakingly sad and irresistibly amusing, The Stoker consistently displays a truth and understanding that strikes the soul. More than a memoir, it is a lyric record of a time and of a life at sea.  

The life and times, of an over the road trucker, William Weatherstone | 50 years and millions of miles, with photos and stories from that period in his life.