Is This A Beautiful Place, Or Is It Just Me

I have wondering earlier on in my ramblings, why anyone would want to drive truck, why they would want to leave their warm home and families to cruise the unfriendly highways. But I know one thing; when you see some of the sunrises or sunsets in the mountains, or fall in the Pine Pass with a dazzling blast of reds, oranges, yellows and greens and just about any other color in the rainbow, as Mother Nature gives you a color show, unlike any you will ever see, it takes your breath away and it makes you wonder.

I can remember hauling a load of fuel, to the agent at Alexis Creek, a few years earlier. I arrived very early one Sunday morning, during the Alexis Creek Stampede.

The sun was just starting to shine over the horizon in a blaze of red, lighting up this beautiful landscape. In the shadowy valley there was a hint of ground fog, giving it a fairy tale appearance.

Just below the Bulk Plant, on a little grassy field, behind the bulk plants tank farm was a covered wagon. The horses, with their harnesses still on, were tied up to the wagon wheels. A couple of dogs were sleeping under the wagon, only lifting their heads momentarily at the sound of my truck and then dropping back into their own dream worlds.

A campfire was still smoldering with just a wisp of smoke lazily curling its way up in its last ritual, reaching for the mother sun, the origin of all fire. The reminisce of a late night party

I remember sitting there for a while, taking in this scene, thinking, ‘have I gone through a time warp and this is only an illusion out of the past. Why am I so fortunate to be the only one on earth to be here, at this particular moment, looking at this fantastically tranquil and beautiful scene?’ Although I had been driving all night, the thought of why do I do this, was the farthest thing from my mind.

I can remember one winter night, some time after mid night; I was headed west, out of Hazelton, bound for Prince Rupert. The temperature was hovering around –30 below, the sky was crystal clear and the moon was bright, bright silver.

The snow sparkled, like some fairy had sprinkled magic sequins on it. The trees and mountains were black, in sharp contrast with the silver sky and the glistening white snow; it was a scene so breathe taking it almost lulled you into a state of tranquility. It was a perfect picture of none colors.

You could have driven with out headlights, had it not been for meeting the odd car or truck and of course, the ever present Moose standing along side the road, giving you blast of reality, you might have thought you where in a fairy tale world.

You don’t get sights like that, sitting in an office, or working 8 to 5. Maybe I’m starting to answer my own question.