I've Done It

I've done it, or at least I think I've done it. I have retired, I sold my truck, Quite my job and I am no longer a truck driver and I am no longer employed.

I am sitting here writing this and I really don't have anything to do except all the little projects my wife has for me to do around the house, but after over 20 years of owning a truck, I no longer have one and I have mixed emotions about it. Everything happened so fast that my head is still spinning.

The wife and I got back Friday night from a five day cruise from L.A. up the Coast to Vancouver. When we got home there was a message on my answering machine, it was my driver, “Mel, phone this guy he wants to buy your truck.” I had told him and just about everyone I meet on the road, I was thinking about selling it. I even went so far as to tell John, the Editor, that I wanted to sell it, but I was half hearted about it, I really couldn't’t get serious about it.

I phoned this guy on Saturday. “Yes I want to buy your truck, I went for a ride with your driver and it’s a good truck. Can we meet tomorrow for coffee and talk about it.”

“Sure I’I'm always game for a free cup of coffee.”

The next day I meet with him and his wife (they bought the coffee) and settled on a price, it wasn't’t as much as I thought I should get, but our trucks never are and it would be a certified check. Monday morning we got all the paper work done, Tuesday afternoon I had the check in the bank and the truck transferred.

It was quick and painless, just like a guillotine, swish it was gone. That afternoon I went down and cleaned my tools and all my other stuff out of the truck and pulled the plates. A lot of this stuff had been transferred from my last two trucks, I found things that I though I had lost years ago. I actually found five Philips screwdrivers. You know what its like you can never find one when you need one, so you buy another one.

When I had left to do this job, I had told the wife that I wouldn't be long, maybe an hour, but it took me over two and a half hours, its hard to part with an old friend with the thought in your mind that, it’s over. Some thing you have done almost very day of for almost 40 years is over. People talk about life after death and I'm thinking about life after truck driving, it has been a way of life that I have enjoyed; it is like quitting smoking cold turkey.

I know one thing, I'm going to do a lot more writing, but my wife has already told me that I'm going to have to run a log book at the computer, “ I will keep track of your hours of service and fine you cigarettes for every infraction. I don’t want you to become fat and lazy, we will do a lot more walking and you can ride that bicycle that has been collecting dust in the shed.”

Oh well! Maybe I can slip out and pull the odd trip for some one when they want a day off and get a fix, BUT FOR NOW I’M RETIRED.