Ray's Toys

Although Ray Kosiancic learned to drive truck on his Fathers farm and sawmill he didn’t pursue the driving occupation until later in life when he drove school buses, but I think his toy’s warrant mention on my Pages.

One of them, you can see in ‘Ray’s Steam Truck’ in the stories with pictures, well his passion to restore and rebuild all maters of vehicles doesn’t stop there.

The first picture shows Ray on his pride and joy, an 1800 CC, Honda Valkyrie. I don’t think he has gotten into this one yet, but he’s only 76 and only time will tell.

1800 CC, Honda Valkyrie

Ray’s father bought this 1937- white 3 ton in 1938 and Ray restored it. I will bet any money it never looked this good, back then.

1937- white 3 ton

Ray bought this 1984 Lada Neva and has been driving it in the hills around the Slocan Valley for 26 years, but he said he was going to park it out behind the barn because a differential went out and it’s now a two wheel drive.

I think the Paint Job is appropriate.

1984 Lada Neva

If you live in the mountains, you have to have a 4x4, so why not a Hummer? The lady in the picture is Ray’s brother, Lawrence’s wife.


In 1964 Dietrich- Collins installed a Detroit Diesel, 353 (a Screaming Jimmy) in a new Chevrolet half ton Pickup, it was the first diesel powered pickup in Canada. When Ray saw it, he knew he had to have it, and bought it in 1964 to deliver raw milk for his dairy business. After he went out of the dairy business in 1972 he kept the truck and has been working on it. But in the mean time he purchased a 1972 CMC that had worked in the construction business around the Valley for some year and it too had a 353 Detroit Diesel for power, how could he turn that down.

He restored it, added a tag along axle that is electric over hydraulic powered and an aluminium and steel van. The name on the side of the van is in memory of Frank Huffty, who owned one of the first pioneer trucking companies that hauled freight from Slocan City, BC, to Nelson, BC in the dark days.

1972 CMC

Ray comes by his love for equipment naturally; this ancient photo shows his father tinkering on his model “T” Ford.

model “T” Ford