One Step Forward and Two Steps Back
(the truckers Waltz)

Chapter 10


The morning Bill and Jeanne left for the coast; Bill was up bright and early, waiting for Jeanne to get ready to go. He wanted to get rolling and get out on the road, even though it was only in their car, at least he would be driving. Jeanne was double-checking every thing they were taking.

“Bill your not going to the coast with nothing but jeans, I swear Bill Ivors you would wear nothing but those Jeans if it wasn’t for me, take some casual pants at least.”

“These jeans cost a lot more than those casual pant,” Bill said in defense as he loaded a pair into the suitcase.

Finally they were on their way, “We should have left last night, traveling on a Friday is not a good idea, the traffic is going to be heavy this morning. It’s always better at night.” Bill was saying to Jeanne as they rolled out of town.

“Don’t worry dear we don’t have any schedules to keep, if it gets to bad we will just stop and spend the night some where, your retired remember.”

They hadn’t been on the highway an hour when they started to catch up to some slow moving traffic, “There’s a couple of tourists up ahead traveling about 15 kilometers under the speed limit and the car behind them doesn’t seem to want to pass, so the traffic just keeps backing up,” Bill said.

“I can see that Bill, just don’t get impatient.”

“I won’t, I hope those super trains coming up behind me don’t,” Bill said looking in his mirror. “This always up set me, people driving like that, going so slow. I know they have as much right to be out here as we do, but you would think they would have the courtesy to find a safe spot and let the traffic go by.”

Just about that time a small car came flying by the super trains and passed him just after the solid line started, “You see its started, he will take the traffic ahead, the same way, this is how people get killed out here. We have a passing lane up ahead, but that guy won’t wait.”

Bill knew the road and knew that the passing lane wasn’t that long; all the traffic behind the slow movers would jump into the passing lane and tie it up. He knew that he probably wouldn’t get by them, but the rest of the traffic ahead would and he could get by them on the next straight stretch.

Bill looked in his mirror and seen the super trains losing speed as they hit the grade, those lumber wagons are probably starting to loose patients with those tourists up a head. They were trucks from the coast and were trying to get home before they ran out of hours.

They got past the slow moving RVs on the next straight stretch and the road was reasonably clear for the next couple of hours. Before they had left, Jeanne had given Bill instructions that they weren’t in a big hurry, so they would be stopping at certain places and eat. Old habits die-hard and Bill liked to get on the road and make time, ‘you can’t make time when you stop every two or three hour, you have to be steady,’ is what Bill use to say.

On this trip all Bill had to deliver was Jeanne and they didn’t have a schedule, so they stop and had a late breakfast. Bill had picked a restaurant where he could see the highway. While they were eating Bill noticed that the two super trains had gotten by the slower traffic and hadn’t been too far behind him at this point.

The rest of the trip was quite, until they got closer to the city, the weekend traffic was starting to roll, but they would be meeting it and it wouldn’t bother them. They got to the kids place and spent a very pleasant week, but decided it was time to go when their daughter started complaining that Jeanne was spoiling the Grand children. Bill told her that it was their job, Grand Parents were supposed to spoil Grand Children.

When they were leaving the city, heading home, on the freeway, Bill past a super train load of lumber, “Bill are those belts on that load loose, look at them flapping?”

“No dear, they’re tight you can see where they have cut into the outside boards at the top, it’s just that the deck is wider than the load. What he should have done was put a twist in them on either side, when he hooked them up and it would have stopped them from flapping. The only thing it might do is wear out his belts prematurely or some concerned, uniformed citizen, like you might report him to the powers to be about having loose belts.

Except for that little incident they had a good trip home.

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