One Step Forward and Two Steps Back
(the truckers Waltz)

Chapter 12


One day some one asked Bill if you can make a living with a truck, Bill though about it and he said, “Yes you can, but don’t ever think you are going to get rich.”

“Trucking can make a lot of money, but the money never seems to stick to you, because you always have a lot of expenses. You can be rolling along making lot money and then some thing will break and then you are right back on the bottom again. It always seems that these little set backs never happen one at a time, they happen one after another. You will be riding high and then you find yourself in a hole again.”

“I was never a good business man, you didn’t have to be. I would get myself in a hole and then I would work harder and dig myself out of it again feast or famine. It was an emotional and financial roller coaster.”

“You have yourself a good year and at the end you look at your financial statement and you have grossed 120,000 or 150,000 thousand dollars, but your expenses have eaten up most of that. You personally don’t have anything to speak of. Maybe you have a little money in the bank, but then you have to pay Income taxes, back to square one. You buy RRSP’s thinking you can save a little income tax, but all you are doing is deferring them and you have to pay them later, when you cash them in.

Some people will tell you that when you do cash them in when you are older and retired you will be in a lower tax bracket and they won’t be as high and that you will have accumulated interest. This might be true but I think with the ever, increasing tax rate and inflation you aren’t really gaining anything. I sometimes think you would be better off paying the taxes, put the money in a box under the bed and keep it. ”

When you figure out what it cost to buy a truck, put fuel in it, insure it, then tires or a hundred other things at the end of the year there you are, but there is still next year and it looks like it might be a good one so you keep on going. Illusions of Grandeur!

Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed my life as a trucker, I have worked hard and my family has always had a roof over their heads and food on the table. I have a home and a car that is paid for, a little money in the bank Some times you have to put a planed holiday on the back burner or some other little plan, because you can’t afford to shut down the truck.

You could always put a driver on it, but that can cost you a lot of money because a good driver won’t work for what you have been working for.”

“The main thing is to have a wife that will tolerate this way of life, one who will raise the children and support you. The kind of a wife who won’t leave you, after you have clean out the savings account to pay some over due bills. I learned the hard way that you should always try to keep you business and personal money separate.”

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