Truckers and Their Toys
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This page is for truckers to show their toys.
If you have a toy and you want to display it on this page,
please forward a picture and a description of it to me and I will publish it.

1978 280Z Datsun

This is me and the 1978 280Z Datsun I like to show. This picture was taken when I won 1st place in class at the Hixon Car Clubs 7th annul show and shine in 2008.

My son-in-law bought the car new in 1978, and drove it for 4 years and then parked it along side of their house until 1999 when I said to him, 'You should do some thing with that car, its not doing any good sitting there.'

That's when he told me to get it running, licence it and drive it. Which I have done every since.

The car has just turned over 40,000 KLM on it and everything is original, except for the sun roof, window louvers on the back window, the fog lamps and the wheels which were dealer installed when purchased, which classifies it as original.

It has collector plates on it and I only drive it to car shows in and around the north central BC.
~ Mel McConaghy


‘Stormin’ Norman Ferris

When I wrote Norm Ferris to send me a picture of his toy and one of his favourite trucks he answered with this letter, I will only relate the first few lines.

Dear Barb, (she’s my wife)

After reading some of Mel’s stories in Pro-Trucker I realized he had some one else writing for him.
As I know he is some what illiterate and has the I.Q. of a radiator cap and that some one has to be you.

1956 mercury

Norman Ferris had trucked around Prince George for years until about 10 years ago he immigrated south to Winfield just south of Vernon.

The picture he sent is one of him standing beside his 1956 mercury that he has owned since 1968.

The white on his t-shirt, the car and his legs are all the same color code. Although it appears he is pregnant, I don’t think he is, because to become pregnant some one has to like you and nobody likes Norman.