Truckers Stories and Pictures
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This page contains stories and pictures submitted by truckers of trucks they have owned and driven over the years.

Ian Treheane
Terrace, B.C.

Ian Treheane -  Terrace, B.C.

Hi Mel, I just recently found this photo and thought you would appreciate it.

I drove this rig from new 1980 until Bar Back trucking shut down in 1985. Back in the day when they made "real" trucks and we were going to get rich driving them. The tuck is a 1980 Kenworth LW, 8V92, 12515 OD trans, rubber block suspension.

The "Pothole Princess" worked around Terrace from Francois Lk to Meziadin Lk, Kitimat and Prince Rupert. Then one winter we worked in Quesnel and if anybody made any money out of that fiasco, I haven't talked to them.

The 6 hour trip must have been figured out by somebody in a pickup on a good day. More like 8 hours with a logging truck, you know the story. The log in the photo came from Kwinitsa and while I was stopped at a construction site a fellow from Saskatchewan took this picture of it to tell the folks at home he wasn’t joking about the size of the BC trees. If you ever want to see lots of snow , try hauling logs into Stewart in the winter .

Are you ready for spring yet ??


Norman Ferris
Winfield B.C.

Norman Ferris - 71 Star   1986 Western Star

Norman Ferris grew up in Prince George amongst a father and a bunch of Uncles who were involved in the forestry, construction and trucking industry so it wasn’t surprising that he became a trucker. His first truck was a 1971 Western Star that he owned until 1986, putting 1.5 million miles on it before trading it on a new 1986 Western Star.

The first picture is of the 71 Star with a new paint job depicting the Vancouver Canucks 2-0 win over the Russian Spartaka team on Dec 28/77. Oh, did I mention Norm was a Vancouver Canuck fan. The second picture is of his 1986 Western Star, after this truck he bought a Volvo.